Management software for professional pension funds.

Project details

kzm pension fund

Customer: North Rhine Veterinary Chamber


Year: 2008 - 2017

Technologies:, , ,
  • Individual development
  • Own PHP/JavaScript framework
  • Interfaces for employer notifications, health insurance notifications, pension payment notifications, paying agent notifications, contribution statements, pension statements
  • SEPA export for direct debits
  • Import bookings from the bank
  • Financial accounting export
  • Support & system management
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kzm Versorgungswerk is an individually developed software solution for pension funds, such as medical associations, pharmacists' associations or bar associations. Here is an example of our pilot customer, the North Rhine Veterinary Chamber.

The software was originally developed from 2008-2010, but it has of course been continuously expanded over the years to support current requirements, such as reporting procedures to health insurance companies, etc.
The pension fund software solution is an in-house development for which a separate PHP/JavaScript framework was developed at the time (2008) in order to be able to map the special requirements for the interface. By the standards of the time, it was very modern and significantly more advanced than comparable solutions on the market.

The software is completely web-based and was already cloud software back then, at a time when the term cloud was not even known.

The software enables pension funds to map all of their members' processes. This includes the administration of members and their contribution payments, contribution collection, dunning, pension payments, pension entitlement calculations, interfaces to health insurance funds and other institutions subject to reporting requirements, etc.